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Communications for the Public Good

The corporate social media landscape looks grim. They are tearing our society apart apart with the constant bombardment of advertising and antagonizing algorithms. Movements in 2024 need a robust communication strategy and the power of a decentralized internet. It's on us to take back the digital commons once and for all.

Click to open a self - addressed email message in your favorite client.

Move beyond strategic sharing.

Craft your message with intention and authenticity. Find the right medium and multiply its impact with tech.

Open source strategy.

Break the tech monopoly with open source software. Power map your "big bosses" and chart your path to sustainable change.

Cocreate meaning with your community.

Rally your community around shared values using a VPSA (Values, Problem, Solution, Action) framework.


It seems like there's a new thing every couple months. Have questions about crypto or decentralized social media? Request a training to stay ahead of the curve.