Lima, Peru

This is a blog post I originally published on the Foster Youth Cultural Exchange: Peru Blog back in 2018. You can find it by clicking here!

Big cities around the world share a lot of similarities; easy to get around, people from all over the globe, and lots of lights and TRAFFIC. To me and Patterson's surprise, one of our taxi drivers spoke of his delivery job in Monterey, California years ago. Instant connection! 
One of my favorite parts of our short time in Lima was checking out the Afro Peruvian Museum. Though it was a bit dry in terms of current information about the Afro Peruvian population, it provided good background information about the story of the slaves in Peru.  
Another interesting chapter of our Lima story was walking through one of the public libraries in the heart of downtown. I read a few passages of a book about communism and capitalism and wish I could have brought it home with me. People hear the word "communism" and are instantly turned off by the idea because of the examples that Russia and other countries have provided for us. These were not instances of actual communism, but rather of authoritarian governments that oppressed and tortured people. I'm not advocating for communism, but I think there is a lot to learn from that system of government. What's wrong with everyone getting what they need to survive?