I've made strides in my understanding of HTML as a Hypermedia these last few weeks through listening to lectures and reading things like Hyper Media Systems and Mozilla Developer Network Documentation. I'm excited to continue on this learning journey and figure out how to leverage my new skillset to make an impact. Tonight, I'm reflecting about how I made an impact in college with my old laptop and introducing one of the newest additions to my tech toolbox.

old Dell Inspiron 15 laptop I upgraded to a new daily laptop earlier this year from a Dell Inspiron 15-7579  that my mentor gifted me for my studies (pictured to the left) because I wanted something with a faster processor and expandable memory. The Inspiron served me well at university where I edited a short podcast series and created short video content for school projects and community organizing, but it has a cracked screen, can't hold a charge, and occasionally flashes a Blue Screen of Death. I'll try to fix it up at some point to recover old files from it, but the shiny Lenovo Thinkpad 15 G2 ITL on the right is my current daily driver.

new Lenovo Thinkpad laptopIt's chunkier than the sleek Macbook Air I used at my last job, but there are a couple features that it has in common with the Inspiron that I really liked that convinced me to pay the $1200 they were asking for it at the Aguadilla location of Procom Systems, a small Puerto Rican chain of computer stores. Gotta support the small businesses at home.

One of my favorite things about this laptop (and one of the main reasons why I bought it) is the extra m2 SSD slot in the motherboard, which provides space to expand the 500GB hard drive that came preloaded with Windows. I'll write more about how I came to own an extra 1 terabyte NVME m2 SSD in another blog, but know that I'm currently writing this blog post from Ubuntu Studio 22.04 running on it. This drive is an additional digital playground for me alongside the stock 500GB SSD that boots into Windows. It has a quad core i7 with embedded graphics that gives me just enough processing power to run Cuphead.

Another feature that I like about this laptop is the touch screen. It's something that I loved about my old Dell that made certain things like turning pages or zooming into maps on a browser a breeze. It only worked on the Windows boot when I initially installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my extra m2 drive, but the 22.04  update fixed it. Also, the webcam has a built in cover that you can slide open and closed to block the video feed from transmitting an image over a connection, which calms my angst about potential accidents while on video calls and government spying.

I didn't realize until I got home that the speakers were really weak. It's not a deal breaker for me because it has a standard audio jack and Bluetooth for me to connect audio devices. The battery only lasts for about 5-6 hours and can get uncomfortably warm, but it's got an SD card slot and both USB B and C ports like my old Inspiron so I can easily load media from my Zoom H1 recorder and Sony a6600 memory cards.

Wow, I wrote tonight. Let's see if I can keep a weekly pulse on this without falling out of rhythm for a while. Shout out the homie Derek, a digital philosopher who has supported my learning over the last decade from showing me how to hit Mizou grinds on parking lot ledges in Marina, California to currently mentoring me as I learn the ins and outs of web development. As I continue on this learning journey, I'm going to follow Derek's lead and do a better job of documenting my development through my blog. Check out video edits of us us out blading the Monterey Bay Area with Brandon 8 years ago in Rotary Sabre: Episode 2 and other edits on Derek's web page.